Varicose veins are an eyesore. When you look down at your legs and see those blue, bulging veins, all you want to do is cover them up. Worse yet, they are painful. The more pronounced your varicose veins are, the more likely you are going to have troubling symptoms. Swelling and aching are common, as well as muscle cramps that can keep you up at night.

Whether you sit or stand in one position for too long, you’ll find yourself dealing with pain that won’t go away. You don’t have to put up with the frustration of varicose veins any longer. Venefit™ can help.

What is the Venefit™ Treatment?

The Venefit™ treatment is a less invasive form of treatment that involves the use of radiofrequency energy to heat affected veins, cause them to collapse, and reroute blood to flow to healthy veins in your body. With heat, the walls of your varicose veins will constrict.

Eventually, they will collapse. Once the veins collapse, they become completely sealed and blood can no longer flow through these damaged veins. The treated vein will be naturally absorbed over time. Many patients prefer Venefit™ to other treatments because it does not involve options that could put you at greater risk.

What to Expect during a Venefit™ Treatment?

On the day of your Venefit™ treatment, you will be given the procedure on an outpatient basis. This procedure may be repeated for each varicose vein. If you have many varicose veins, you may require more than one visit.

Recovery from Venefit™

You can return to your regular routine after your treatment. However, you may need to avoid extreme exercise for a couple of weeks after the procedure. Walking is beneficial on a daily basis to aid in your circulation and recovery.

The practitioner may recommend compression socks as well during the initial period after your treatment. You could see a difference in the appearance of your varicose veins in as little as a week after the procedure.

Find Out if Venefit™ Will Work for You

To find out if Venefit™ is the answer for your varicose veins, contact The Vein Center today to schedule a consultation. You will discuss the advantages of treatment and if you have any health complications, that may mean you need to look for other alternatives. Venefit™ has effectively treated varicose veins for patients varying in age. Both women and men can benefit from Venefit™. Get started now.


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