Spider veins can do a number on your appearance. If you have them, you know all too well how they can even reach the point of causing your self-esteem to suffer. Even though they rarely cause physical symptoms, this is of little consolation if you are finding it difficult to go out in public or are changing the way you dress simply to hide their appearance. As such, you may want to look into your options regarding spider vein treatments.

If you would like to tell your unwanted spider veins goodbye, you should ask our specialist to explain the benefits of VeinGogh™ to you. It is a proven and effective way to remove spider veins that allows you to return to your regular daily activities right away.

Your VeinGogh™ treatment will utilize a high-frequency current to thicken the blood inside the targeted vessels. It will also collapse the walls and cause the vein to close off. Since the system has the capability of precisely regulating the energy level, the risk of overtreating the vessel is eliminated. This will make your therapy more successful without producing harmful side effects.

Spider veins form because of a problem referred to as venous insufficiency. This is when the blood does not flow through the vessels as it should. As a result, they become enlarged and will show through the skin. They usually appear as blue, red or purple lines that are frequently woven together much like the strands of a spider web. They can also have jagged and sharp turns that can remind you of a spider’s legs. This is obviously how they get their name.

Since spider veins happen more frequently with age, they are often viewed as a sign of aging. This is one more reason why many people are interested in spider vein treatments. If you want a non-surgical way to get rid of these unwanted veins, you should make an appointment at The Vein Center in Mount Pleasant and discuss the benefits of VeinGogh™ treatment in more detail. Contact our office today to schedule a consultation for spider vein treatments.

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As we age, our bodies change. It’s inevitable. Still, most of us do whatever we can to maintain a youthful appearance. We exercise, eat healthy and stay mentally active. Despite your best efforts, you may still develop spider veins.