With cosmetic treatments and technological advancements in the realm of physical corrective surgeries, there is no reason any of us should have to live with bothersome physical ailments. This is especially true with regards to small spider veins, or networks of visibly discolored capillaries underneath the skin’s surface known as telangiectasias. Fortunately, our specialists here at The Vein Center in Mount Pleasant, SC can utilize a state-of-the-art spider vein elimination technique known as VeinGogh™.

This procedure has the ability to eliminate the appearance of visible diminutive spider veins as well as treat dermal conditions such as rosacea and cherry angiomas. If you happen to suffer from miniature telangiectasias and feel as if this treatment method is for you, reach out to us for a consultation. Below are some commonly asked questions to help guide you along.

What is VeinGogh™?

VeinGogh™ is a semi-new, minimally invasive, safe vein treatment that utilizes microburst technology to effectively reduce the appearance of the discolored vein systems also known as telangiectasias. This vein elimination method has been perfected to treat more sensitive areas of the body and several skin-based conditions.

How Does It Work?

The procedure begins by initially cleansing the injection site/desired treated area. Then, a fiber-based stylus with a very fine, hair-like needle head is used to penetrate the skin surface and target the surrounding area that contains the problematic veins. The stylus does not pierce the actual vein itself, as controlled microburst heat technology is delivered at the injection site.

The heat damages the vessel walls, causing the vein to seal shut, collapse and be naturally absorbed by the body over time, while the circulating blood is rerouted to surrounding healthier blood vessels and capillaries.

When Will I Be Able to See Results?

You may be able to see results instantaneously following the conclusion of the procedure and major improvements in the following weeks as the body naturally absorbs the collapsed discolored veins and blood vessels.

Will Veins Reappear Over Time?

Fortunately, this procedure, when performed correctly, permanently diminishes the appearance of existing spider veins and vessels. However, new veins may naturally develop over time and require their own treatment in order to be eliminated.

Am I a Good Candidate for This Treatment?

If you are a relatively healthy adult and suffer from venous issues, you could benefit from this treatment. Make an appointment at The Vein Center in Mount Pleasant, SC to  learn more. Contact us today for a consultation.

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