Choosing the right medical professional for vein treatment is a very important task, but not one that can be easily done. It takes patience, research, and time. At the Vein Center, we are confident Dr. Wieters will be the right choice for your vein treatment. Call us today to schedule a consultation!

Check to See Which Doctors Are in Your Insurance Network

This should be your first step in searching for any medical treatment doctor. Using a doctor that is outside of your network could potentially make your out-of-pocket expenses higher. Call our office to find out if your insurance is among the many we accept!

Search For Reviews of Potential Doctors

Reviews are very popular and the internet makes it possible for people to leave reviews about almost everything. Doing a Google search for reviews of potential doctors and checking with the Better Business Bureau is a great way to identify qualified medical professionals. At the Vein Center, we care about our patients’ experiences and feature reviews from past patients on our website.

Make Sure the Doctor Is a Vein Specialist

Any doctor can treat varicose veins, but for the best care, choose a doctor that specializes in vein treatment, such as a vascular surgeon. Dr. Wieters is an accomplished and experienced vascular surgeon in South Carolina and specializes in vein treatments.

Schedule an Initial Consultation

Schedule an initial consultation and make sure you are comfortable with our doctor. Ask a lot of questions. We are happy to discuss our practice, about the procedure and/or treatment options, and any costs and insurance related concerns. Consultations can ensure you are comfortable.

There are so many doctors available for vein treatments that it can be overwhelming trying to pick one. At the Vein Treatment Center, located in Mt. Pleasant, our goal is to provide all of our patients with the best care and comfortable experience.

See why Dr. Wieters is one of the top specialists for vein treatment in South Carolina. Contact us today and schedule your consultation to see why Dr. Wieters is the perfect doctor for your vein treatment!

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