If you are dealing with vascular conditions that are impacting your life in any way, you may have already thought about ways to eliminate the negative effect the condition is causing. There are a number of things you may take into consideration when deciding whether or not to have your veins treated. Once you decide that vein treatmentis the right thing to do, you must then decide which method is best. Our doctor at The Vein Center is a valuable source for information when it comes to making choices of this nature. He and his team can evaluate your condition and, after reviewing your history, let you know more about the advantages and disadvantages of the various therapies that are available at our office.

If your vein disorder is causing symptoms, you should definitely consider vein treatment in order to make life more comfortable. Plus, you don’t want the condition that is causing the symptoms to progress into something more serious, especially when early intervention can prevent it. Varicose veins frequently cause things like aches, numbness, burning sensations, itching and tingling. Sometimes, they can also cause swelling of the legs and ankles.

If you have varicose veins that are not causing symptoms, your decision on whether or not to have them treated can be a bit more difficult to make. The deciding factor here is frequently related to the impact the condition has on the self-esteem due to the appearance issues it causes. Varicose veins frequently bulge out from the skin. In addition, they are often blue, making them even more noticeable.

Spider veins are much smaller than varicose veins. They don’t tend to cause any physical discomforts, at least in the majority of cases. Their impact is usually limited to that of appearance only. The fact that they frequently appear on the face makes the appearance impact even more of an issue. If you find yourself dreading to look in the mirror, or you are worried about what other people are thinking when you are conversing with them, you may want to consider vein treatment.

A number of methods are available by which varicose and spider veins can be removed. An important consideration is often one that relates to the amount of downtime required for recovery. While procedures like vein stripping surgery are invasive and require some time off for recovery, there are less invasive methods available at our office that are very effective as well. Most of these methods will allow you to return to your normal lifestyle immediately after the treatment is done.

We invite you to schedule an appointment at The Vein Center for an evaluation and a discussion about vein treatment. Our office is located in Mount Pleasant. Contact us today to book a consultation for vein treatment!

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