Broken capillaries are also called spider veins and they are the tiny, bluish-red lines that resemble spider webs on your skin. The official name is telangiectasia and they may appear anywhere on the surface of your skin but are most often seen on the face, legs and chest. When the walls of capillaries are damaged, they may become permanently dilated and be visible just under the skin.

There are several reasons why capillaries burst, including heredity, sun damage, skin trauma, rosacea and aging. It may be obvious to you that you have broken capillaries, but it is important to get confirmation from our specialist and guidance for treatment, especially if you think you have rosacea. There may be prescribed medications that will treat your problem or outpatient therapies that our trained technicians can perform to help reduce the appearance of the broken capillaries or completely remove them.

Some of the most common medical treatments that we prescribe are:

Spider veins and broken capillaries may be prevented, especially on your face. However, when it’s too late for this, it’s good to know that treatments exist.

If the type of skin that easily develops broken capillaries runs in your family, you may find that you get them often and need to address them regularly. Some treatments have side effects such as redness and swelling after treatment, but these disappear in days or weeks.

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