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The VeinGogh™ system is truly a revelation for those suffering from unwanted visible spider veins. Renowned vein expert and General and Vascular Surgeon Thomas R. Wieters, MD, offers VeinGogh to help you ditch those nagging cosmetic problems at The Vein Center, conveniently located in Mount Pleasant, South Carolina. If you’re interested in this effective technology and how it helps you achieve a smoother complexion, call The Vein Center office or schedule an appointment online.

VeinGogh Q & A

What is VeinGogh™?

Dr. Wieters provides the effective VeinGogh treatment for spider veins. This modern system uses unique microburst technology to target and get rid of veins that become a cosmetic problem.

VeinGogh can safely treat any skin type. Most treatments can be completed in as little as a few minutes up to around half an hour. There’s no downtime with the VeinGogh procedure and you can return to your daily activities right away. Typically, one or two treatments are needed for optimal results.


How does VeinGogh work?

The VeinGogh system uses radiofrequency technology to combat spider veins.

VeinGogh works by delivering a tiny controlled high-frequency current to your blood vessel through a hair-thin probe. The precise microbursts of energy selectively target the blood vessel, coagulate the blood, and collapse the vessel wall. This is accomplished without damaging your outer layers of skin.

Dr. Wieters uses a very fine, insulated needle to administer the treatment just under the surface of your skin. He uses a polarized light device for better visualization of the veins below the skin. Tiny vessels are quickly destroyed.

You might feel a slight pinch as Dr. Wieters gently inserts the hair thin-probe into the skin. Many patients liken it to the feeling of a hair being removed.

You might experience some mild redness in the area for an hour or so after your treatment.

Over the following weeks, the damaged vessel wall fades from view and is absorbed by your body.


What are the benefits of VeinGogh?

Dr. Wieters offers the VeinGogh system due to the many benefits, such as:

  • Safety, convenience, and affordability
  • No anesthesia, compression stockings, or downtime
  • Precision and accuracy
  • Impressive results
  • Quick in-office procedure
  • Innovative advanced modern technology

Sclerotherapy (the injection of a special sclerosing agent) doesn’t necessarily keep the vein closed, but the VeinGogh system effectively seals the vein. The specific energy from the VeinGogh tool is precise and ideal for targeting even the smallest spider veins.

Dr. Wieters provides the best possible treatment options to help you achieve smoother skin and get rid of your problem spider veins.

Call the Vein Center or book online for more information and a personalized treatment plan.